About us

Haidea has cooperated with a wide range of companies.
Company manufactures parts for different companies, varying from car industry to container manufacture.
Since Haidea not only works with metals, but also with fiber materials, company can create parts for numerous different purposes.

When working with tuning and racing car companies, Haidea can manufacture more lighter body parts for the vehicles from fiber materials, for example.
Haidea has also collaborated with Finnish universities and government agencies.

About the owner

Name: Pasi Tönkyrä
Born in: 1979, Hailuoto

Since I was a child, I enjoyed building things with my hands. First there was legos, miniature models, RC-cars, and later on I started customising mopeds, cars and race-cars.
In the beginning, I mostly did all the customising works either for myself or to friends. Then the word got out and other people started asking for these services. These services were a secondary job for about 10 years, among my main job. My main job at the time was machining and mechanical maintenance.
At some point, there was so much orders for customising cars, I decided to try my own wings and establish an company for it.

Since 2013, I’ve been doing this rewarding work as full time job.